5 Businesses You Can Start in 2020

In the last 10 years alone, many jobs and businesses have been created that did not exist years prior. Now more than ever, the world is your oyster. Now is the time to be different, to be creative, and with the internet, anything is possible.  you can and should start your business today. 

There are many businesses that you can start today that will be lucrative for you in the long run. below are just five of our top business ideas for 2020:

1. Content Creation/Strategy

When people think of content or writing gigs, they only really think of books, magazine articles, blog posts, and the like. But there’s a whole other side to writing that people don’t immediately think of and that businesses are in dire need of assistance with. That other side is content strategy. Businesses will literally pay you to help them decide what kinds of content to create and when to post that content, as well as to where. If you are a writer, you can do both sides of the job and come up with the content ideas as well as write them yourself. However, if you aren’t a writer there still is room for you to only do the strategy side and still make money.

2. Social Media Management

Who knew that knowing how to craft 180 characters or less in a way that’s meaningful could be a full-time job? If you are someone who is very comfortable with social media and if you are someone who knows how to identify the right times to post as well as what to post, you could start your own social media management firm. A lot of companies are only now starting to really build up their online presence. And while some brands are big enough to already have name recognition, there are still so many brands that are just getting their feet wet and could use your expertise.

3. Consulting/Coaching

At The Ideation Consultants, we believe that everyone needs a mentor. Everyone needs someone who has more knowledge and more experience and they do to help show them how to get to where they want to be. Coaches can walk us through all the things that they’ve experienced and give us their knowledge without us having to go through the trials that they went through. This is invaluable. And though most people are only really familiar with coaches as they relate to sports, there also exist dating coaches, fashion coaches, voice coaches, public speaking coaches. The possibilities are endless! So, if you have a certain skill or an eye for design or good taste in something, there’s a good chance that someone is willing to pay you to mentor them.

4. Online Courses/Education

There are skills that you have that other people need right now. There are things you know like the back of your hand that people are spending hours and hours researching, to not even learn half of what you know because they don’t know where to start or they don’t know where to look for credible information. If you know what these skills are, you can turn them into online courses on sites like Udemy. This is a type of product that you can create once, spending a lot of hours upfront, that will give you continuous income as long as your course is available and people are interested. If you’ve always wanted to teach, this could be a great opportunity for you.

5. Personal Brand/Influencer

If you’ve always wanted to be famous, now is your chance. A whole new genre has opened up in the world of marketing. Businesses are looking for faces and personalities to help build their customer base. So, by becoming an influencer and building your following to even as few as 1,000 followers, you can be paid by various businesses to talk about products that you already used and love.

That wraps up our top 5 business ideas for 2020.  If you’re still struggling to land on a good idea or you have a good idea but you’re unsure of how to take it to the next level, feel free to Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to working with you!

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