The Ideation Consultants

Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen

A great idea can change the world, but great ideas are a dime a dozen. The truth is: anyone can come up with a million-dollar idea. And even if you don’t think you have a great idea (or any ideas at all), we can guarantee you have something you can work with. You have interests. You have hobbies. You have frustrations and things that get on your nerves. All of these are the breeding ground for great ideas that changed people’s lives.

But regardless, it’s what you do with the great idea that really matters, otherwise known as “idea execution”. 

Who is your target market?
Where does your target market hang out?
How will you go to market?
How will people find you?
How much will you charge? And how often?
Who’s on your team? Or are you flying solo?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to business than just an idea.

About Us

We are The Ideation Consultants, a consulting firm that specializes in idea generation and idea execution. Whether you have an idea or not, we will work with you to create a solid business. Started in 2020, The Ideation Consultants is made up of scrappy and creative entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. We have come up with many ideas of our own before starting this company and we’ve created a system that works, a system that breaks your tasks into manageable pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. Starting a business can be stressful and even if you already have a business, coming up with new ideas can be even more frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created our business so that you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Trust The (Creative) Process

People struggle to take their ideas past the ideation stage because they have trouble tapping into their creativity. Oftentimes, both the education system and working a nine-to-five job have forced us all to think inside the box and repurpose or regurgitate solutions that have already been created, without adding any of our own opinions, thoughts, or flare. But The Ideation Consultants process is different. Every design session you participate in with The Ideation Consultants is infused with creative energy. And every deliverable you receive from The Ideation Consultants is developed outside the box.

How Can We Help You?

The Ideation Consultants turns great ideas into winning products and services. 

For those focused on idea generation, we’ll work with you to identify which industries and products/services are aligned with your interests, resources, and skillset. In our design session, we will spend time getting to know you – your likes, your passions, your purpose, your goals and objectives. Because the truth is any idea can make money. But the ideas that turn into businesses that end up making money and lasting long-term are the ideas that we care enough about to continue working on when things get difficult. Many businesses fail because the idea sounded great at first, but then no one cared enough to keep going. They didn’t have the fire inside them to keep the idea alive. So our design sessions are important because we want to find out, at the end of the day, what will really work for you. Our goal is to help you find what you’ll actually enjoy working on so much that you’ll be motivated to keep building it no matter what.

For those interested in idea execution, we’ll help you work through all the essential business needs and functions that will get your product or service off the ground. We said it before and we’ll say it again: ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s not the idea itself but what you do with the idea that actually matters. This package of services is geared towards people who already have an idea and are looking to take it to the next level. For these individuals or businesses, we will walk you through all the nuts and bolts of idea execution so that you can walk away with a concrete product or service and go-to-market strategy.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in seeing what The Ideation Consultants can do for you, feel free to Contact Us. The Ideation Consultants is now accepting new clients and we’re excited to work with you.

Also, check out our free workbook to learn how to flush out your great ideas, no matter what stage you’re at with them. This workbook walks you through idea generation and execution from stage one, where you just barely have an idea, all the way through stage three, which breaks down how you will actually run your business once you decide which idea to execute. This simple document also comes with a one-page business plan template. While it is in your best interest to complete a full-length business plan, especially if you are hoping to apply for funding at some point in the life of your business, a one-page business plan helps you hit the ground running faster. Instead of getting bogged down in the details of a 100-page business plan when you’re just starting out, it is best to start with something simple that gives you an outline of what to focus on so you can spend more time on your actual business.

Whether you’re an individual who is hoping to start a new business that stands the test of time,  or you are an established business that is looking to create new products and services, The Ideation Consultants has you covered with a suite of offerings that meet you at your current stage of the ideation process and take you to the finish line.